The Union Difference

Here's what these hospital workers fought for and won with SEIU 49:

"Getting a job at a unionized hospital and becoming an SEIU 49 member meant an immediate $5 bump in pay for me, and I was immediately saving $350 per month because I no longer had to pay for my insurance. Because of my union, I was able to go from working two jobs to survive to working one and having time with my loved ones." Because we have a union, our benefits don’t cost us anything at Kaiser. My wife is a diabetic so it was a game changer - I cover her on my insurance and pay nothing for our benefit. We have $3 prescription meds and $5 copays to go to the doctor - and same for dental. She was able to get $25,000 worth of dental work for $1,200 with my union contract, six weeks after I started at Kaiser as a member of SEIU 49, something we never could have afforded in my non-union hospital."

Olivia Devers, CNA at Kaiser

“Our wages are so much better now. I was making $10-something in 2015, the year we unionized. Now, I earn over $21 per hour. I don’t pay anything for prescriptions. And, we’re expanding coverage even more! We have that opportunity because we came together as a union and demanded better for ourselves.”

Lorie Quinn, Housekeeper EVS at PeaceHealth

"Thanks to forming a union, I have so many new benefits: Our education fund provides a fully paid path to help me move up the career ladder. My health coverage co-pays are only $3-$5 with zero premium healthcare costs. And if I am ever laid off, I will be guaranteed a full 12 months of income with access to retraining for a new position. Standing together as a union made this possible.”

Dawn Martin, Medical Assistant at Kaiser


U.S. Department of Labor data shows union workers earn $1.3 million more over their lifetime compared to non-union workers. The reason is clear – collective action gets the goods! Joining together to advocate for the wages and benefits we need, we can raise standards across our hospital.

When workers at Sacred Heart unionized with SEIU, in their first union contract they:

When workers at Sacred Heart negotiated their most recent union contract, they:


SEIU hospital workers have a WINNING RECORD on healthcare! SEIU members have won groundbreaking healthcare protections, including lowering costs, expanding care and protections to shield members from predatory practices by medical debt collectors.

Through uniting together SEIU members have won healthcare improvements at the bargaining table, including:


Over 105,000 SEIU members from hospitals in Oregon and across the west coast fought for and won expanded education and career training opportunities through the SEIU Education Fund, giving all healthcare workers a pathway up the healthcare career ladder.


When we stand together, our voice amplifies!