We united to make Asante a better place to work and get care. Our wages are so low and our healthcare costs so high, that we can’t get ahead-especially with housing costs and inflation. This used to be a special place to work, but now we are losing people to other hospitals and higher paying jobs. It is our turn to join the RNs in having a voice to advocate for better jobs and better care. Our patients can’t wait for Asante to fix it, it is up to us—we can do this together.

SEIU 49 is the leading union representing CNAs, housekeepers/EVS, Dietary Specialists, and other frontline healthcare hospital workers in Oregon with a record of winning big on higher wages, better healthcare, career growth opportunities through the Ed Fund, and respect for workers like us. That expertise and record of winning makes them the best union to represent us. The 15,000 Oregon workers who have already joined SEIU 49 have successfully organized for higher standards than we have here at Rogue Regional – and they’ve won them!

As soon as we vote YES and win our union, we will immediately transition our organizing committee into a contract action team, elect a bargaining team, and begin fighting for our FIRST CONTRACT to get us up to the standards we deserve! We will also democratically vote on our elected union officers, and immediately have a right to union steward representation in any instances of discipline.

No! This will be our contract. We can use other SEIU contracts as a model, but we decide what we will fight for and what we will prioritize in our proposals. Other SEIU members have made major improvements, and we can too. With over 1000 of us, and everyone in the hospital union, we will have the power to make big improvements—but only if we stick together.

It will end the ability of managers to show favoritism and bias at work, or to retaliate against us or have unfair discipline processes – and many workers who organize find having a union actually improves their relationship with the administration, because it forces the administration to engage with us instead of just brushing us off or cutting side deals.
  • Any and all union activity you engage in at work is legally protected concerted activity! This means that no person in management can retaliate against you in any way for voicing your support for your union, or making your intention to VOTE YES known.
  • In Oregon you do not have to attend any 1:1 meetings with managers, HR or their highly-paid union consultants. You can not be disciplined for leaving these meetings when you find out they are about the union, or you can simply not attend in the first place.
  • You have the right to speak with your coworkers about forming a union while you work, as you would engage in any other casual conversation at work
  • You have the right to sign pro-union petitions and hand out pro-union flyers, petitions, and factsheets in non-work areas when you are not working without retaliation
We are not allowed to pay any dues until WE (the members of our union) vote yes on our contract. If we are happy with that contract, and it puts more money in our pocket after dues, only then do we start paying dues. Our dues would be only 1.7% of base pay, and will ensure we have the resources we need to effectively run our union and win better jobs.