Asante Puts Profits Ahead of Patients. It’s Time to Put People First.

by Annette Higgins To my colleagues, I’m one of the people who cares for you or your family member when the worst happens: a difficult cancer diagnosis finds you in the Oncology Department at Asante.  For nearly two decades, I’ve been proud to stand by Medford families in these dark moments and done everything in… Continue reading Asante Puts Profits Ahead of Patients. It’s Time to Put People First.

QUOTE: Connor Babbitt

“I need change at work because right now I’m working two jobs to pay for classes to help me grow in my career, but I’m failing because Asante doesn’t pay me enough to cover my rent with my scheduled shifts. Asante punishes students for needing flexibility by decreasing tuition assistance, and in the case of on call students, they’re left with no health insurance. A union partnership with SEIU means better support for the next generation of nurses. We need to stand up to Asante. This student stands with SEIU.”

Connor Babbitt

CNA2, Neuro/Ortho

QUOTE: Mayra Vasquez Ortiz

“I support the union because of these three things: respect, benefits and better pay. When there is respect the work environment improves and motivates us to do a better job for the patients, sometimes those patients are our own family. We always give our best at work but still the pay is low and this affects us and our family for these reasons I support the union.”

Mayra Vasquez Ortiz


QUOTE: Erik Zajcew

“Knowing that many of my coworkers are having to work multiple jobs just to cover rent and bills, spend half their paychecks just to insure their spouse and children, and seeing delayed raises or no raises at all — despite exceedingly high performance reviews — is why I support unionizing! We deserve more than just competitive wages and benefits. Through collective bargaining, strength, and unity, Asante can be more than just a health care provider. It can be a place where everyone can feel empowered, secured, and motivated to give the absolute best to the community that we love. Stand with us for a better now and a brighter future for all!”

Erik Zajcew


QUOTE: John Farmer

“Ever since I joined the workforce, my employers have never properly paid their long-standing employees. With COVID and inflation, we’ve been hit especially hard as we try to stay healthy and make ends meet. A union will help us get the better pay, benefits, and support we need to do our jobs and support our families. When Asante invests in us, it makes it easier for us to provide the high-quality care our patients deserve.”

John Farmer


QUOTE: Teresa Hernandez

“Supporting the union is one of the best decisions we can make. I support the union for my family, our patients and the entire community. I have been part of the SEIU Local 49 at PeaceHealth and we had better pay, protection and respect. There is a big difference in having a union.”

Teresa Hernandez

Grill Cook, Dietary

QUOTE: Davina Wintersteen

“I’ve been at Asante for almost 16 years. I’m invested in caring for my patients and being a part of our community’s recovery, but Asante isn’t invested in us. I want a union so we have the power to improve our working conditions, raise wages, and retain great staff. A union will make Asante a better place for all of us – our coworkers, our patients, and our community.”

Davina Wintersteen

MHA, Behavioral Health

QUOTE: Justin Stahl

“I’ve worked for a unionized company, and I’ve worked for a company with an ’employee alliance’ where our grievances were always shrugged off. I know from experience that only a union will give us the power to create meaningful changes in our workplace. We won’t settle for less.”

Justin Stahl

Imaging Aide

Date set for Asante workers unionization vote

A date has been set for more Asante workers to vote to unionize. More than 1,000 Asante workers will vote on union representation.

Asante technical and ancillary workers look to unionize

Pushing for higher wages and more staffing, health care workers in technical and ancillary roles at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford have chosen to unionize.